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Marketing & Product Launch Consultation

At Creative Marketing Experts, we are passionate about working with entrepreneurs, authors, and innovators to help bring products to market in intelligent, effective, and pioneering manners.  From developing and implementing marketing plans and product launches to generating publicity and determining product placements, CME provides the analysis, support, and expertise you need to launch your business to the top.  Consultations with CME provide invaluable knowledge about how specific products and services fit in with current market trends and marketing strategies. Please visit our Marketing and Product Launch Consultation services page to learn more about the different options available to you.


Website Design & Marketing

Nowadays, every business, book, band, and message needs a strong online presence in order to effectively corner its respective market.  To help you get your business up and running, CME offers top-notch marketing and website design packages that are tiered to fit your specific needs. Whether you want us to design your entire website, or whether you prefer to be more hands-on in your web design, we have the perfect design package for you. Each of our website design packages also includes a complimentary keyword report about search engine technology to help you learn how to rank at the top of searches on the leading search engines. Click here to learn more about the Website Design Services from Creative Marketing Experts full service marketing agency!




Music & Art Marketing

Music and Art projects require a special marketing approach merging the online and offline publicity outreach into a cohesive effort that works together in a symphony to get your message heard. Consultations with CME will give you the competitive edge to capture your corner of the market while maintaining your artistic integrity and vision.  Let us help you secure or increase your distribution, expand your audience, create a meaningful and high impact online presence.

Learn how Creative Marketing Experts can  help you marketing your next album or art project!




SEO & Keyword Research

Keyword research is an indispensable service offered by CME. We can help you determine exactly which keywords will pull your message to the top of targeted searches and enable your core base to find your website.  Not only is it important that your site ranks well for the keywords used, but it is also crucial to choose keywords that will optimize your site’s search impact. At CME, we have the technology to research which words people are using to search for different types of products and services, allowing us to intelligently customize your keyword choices. Learn more about the various keyword research programs CME has available.





Social Media

Social networking using social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) is an increasingly important marketing tool.  Social networking provides the unique opportunity to build relationships with your customer base and establish an online community surrounding your product or message. It isn’t enough to watch the conversations, either–as the face of your business, it’s important to join in and be heard. Being a community leader requires providing a space for your supporters to interact with you and with each other, which also allows you to better gauge the needs of your customer base and grow your business accordingly. Social networking requires daily focus and attention in order to be effective, which is where CME can help you excel. Our Social Media Engagement packages will help you grow your Twitter base and increase your Facebook outreach, and we can even advise you on how to design and build your very own social network. To learn more about our social media management click here.




Viral Video Production & Guerrilla Marketing


This is an exciting time in Internet marketing, as Web 2.0 innovations enable us to embed websites with such technology as streaming video, audio, and games. These are powerful tools that, when used creatively, can be employed to direct high volumes of traffic to your site. Whether you would like to have your next event broadcast over the Internet, or whether you need to design a high-tech video to showcase your newest product, CME has the resources and the experience to produce what you need. We offer packages in book trailer production,  webcast and event streaming production, and video blog production.



Green Website Hosting


Creative Marketing Experts offers competitive pricing on green servers with 99.9% up-time.  Our servers are fast, reliable, and powered by wind. Our packages are built on an energy-efficient infrastructure that uses 300% wind power, which means that unused power goes back into the grid. Our servers are built on Intel Dual Quad Core Processors with 12GB of RAM and unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and IMAP/POP3 email accounts that are accessible via the web and have built-in Spam Assassin for maximum security. Our green servers also include access to 24/7/365 tech support located in North America. We will be posting information about our Green Web Hosting plans very soon!