Music Marketing

Marketing Art & Music

Are you ready to take your art or music project to the masses? We can design and integrate a cohesive package that will allow your next project to meet the world in a stable and integrated way and allows you to shine in your best light.

Publicity & PR

One of the first items needed to present yourself to the world is an updated press kit.  Not so long ago, this may have consisted of a nice paper portfolio folder and accompany photos with music or video sent via snail mail. These elements tied together with a cohesive online presence to match your offline approach will allow you to reach your marketing potential on a wider and quicker level.  We can help you create a complete online and offline media kit that will showcase your music, art, message, and ultimately you!  High impact press-kits are one of our specialties and we will work with you to design a physical press-kit and an online presence to work together as one.

Is the Record Business extinct?

Well not exactly…. but the landscape is forever changed!  We will forgo the record label extinction 101 story as I am certain many websites can give you a historical perspective on what has happened in the past … let’s talk about today and the future that is coming.  CD & album sales can be a profitable venture, but you must find new ways to package and create sales venues that are tailored to your audience.  From live performances, music placement, digital distribution project, and additional venues for placement the earning potential for music still exists across many different platforms and requires a new approach and set of ideas.

Retail Product Placement

Many specialty venues and stores still have the ability to see your record or art project turn a profit and reach the world, but it is becoming a more specialty item that needs items to be tailored to listening post programs, special installations, sales programs, and retail point-of-presence displays to have your message standup and be noticed.

Thinking Outside the Box & Putting it together

Whether you are just starting out and have an idea for your next CD or Art project, or already have distribution and an illustrious past history, let us speak with you about how we might be able to make all of the elements work together in harmony. We can navigate the world of retail distribution, online distribution, social media, website development, and product integration.